Provide an all-in-one mobile shopping experience at your point of sale

With PayWish®, Market Pay puts a new way to accept payments in-store at your fingertips.

Install the mobile app directly on your NFC-enabled Android devices and they instantly transform into full-fledged payment terminals.

This innovation allows you to offer your customers a complete mobile payment experience at the point of sale. No more need to initiate payment on a mobile terminal and then make the payment on an additional Eftpos terminal. From the moment you take charge to the moment you make the payment, offer a new ultra-fast, secure and attractive experience to your customers with a simple and optimized process.

Up to date with the latest payment regulations, choosing PayWish® is choosing a turnkey application solution and a smooth and secure payment experience.


Take advantage of features that make a difference and many more to come,
with contactless card payment acceptance and on-glass PIN management for amounts over €50.


With PayWish®, improve the performance of your In-Store business

  • Reduced investment cost with a single payment device
  • Optimized checkout time
  • Increased conversion rate and customer satisfaction


Provide your customers with an innovative payment experience

  • An ultra-fast and seamless shopping experience
  • An optimized checkout process
  • Contactless payment beyond traditional amounts

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