Pay On Site

Acceptance & Acquiring for payment terminals in store


With the Pay On Site solution, take advantage of a centralized, state-of-the-art acceptance platform linked to our pre-acquiring solution.

Allow your customers to pay with all current payment methods (contact and contactless cards, NFC payment, wallets).

Benefit from maintenance and technical support to assist you with the integration of the terminals into the POS system, with a choice of USB, RS232 or internet connection.

With our solution, we offer you a credit card payment experience based on the latest technology terminals, with competitive acquisition, D+1 financing and high availability.

Your Advantages

Benefit from many competitive advantages with the Pay On Site solution:

  • Robustness of the acceptance and acquiring solution
  • Centralized acceptance frees the merchant from the complexity of manual remote collections
  • Attractive acceptance & acquiring pricing compared to competitors
  • Broad coverage of all major payment methods
  • International solution with the ability to centralize accounting flows, capable of covering many countries
  • A complete turnkey acceptance and acquiring offer, including terminals and their maintenance

Reporting Portal

Take advantage of a reporting portal that allows you to view transaction history and details.

Also take advantage of the Market Pay merchant portal to consult on D+1 the data of acceptance, financing and applied commissions.


With Market Pay’s Pay On Site solution, a support team is there to assist you in case of any problem on the authorization/financing chain. You will also benefit from a Back Office team that will be there to help you manage the claims and the declarative management of the stores.

Finally, a team of professionals will be constantly at your side to assist you throughout our service.

Payment means

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