Pay by bank

Boost your conversion rate with a secure and seamless payment experience

Accepting payments via bank transfers on your e-commerce website has never been easier

Pay by Bank is a new payment method that allows merchants to initiate a transfer - usually instantaneous - from their customer's account to their own account through Market Pay.

More secure and less expensive than a card or check payment, with a smoother path than a standard transfer, the Pay by Bank solution increases the conversion of large baskets by offering consumers a smooth path with no spending limit.

We leverages PSD2 to offer a new payment solution adressing merchants’ actual use cases: payment with large amounts, invoicing, high level number of corporate cards…


With Market Pay’s Pay by Bank solution, choose speed and security, choose efficiency.

  • An improved conversion rate thanks to a payment method not subject to card limits
  • Guaranteed payments: transfers are irrevocable once executed
  • A secure payment method: transfers are 100 times less fraudulent than cards or checks
  • Immediate payment: receive the funds in a few seconds on your account thanks to instant transfers
  • Lower costs: no interchange, no CB/Visa/Mastercard scheme fees


  • A smooth process: simply select your bank and then validate the transaction with your bank (without adding a beneficiary or entering an IBAN).
  • A secure payment method: Pay by Bank requires strong authentication, which ensures that only the user can approve the payment.
  • Compatible with large amounts: with Pay by Bank which does not affect the card limit, your customers will be able to pay for large baskets.

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