Pay by Bank

Boost your conversion rate with a secure and seamless payment experience


Accepting payments via bank transfers on your e-commerce website has never been easier

Pay by Bank is a new payment method that allows merchants to initiate a transfer - usually instantaneous - from their customer's account to their own account through Market Pay.

More secure and less expensive than a card or check payment, with a smoother path than a standard transfer, the Pay by Bank solution increases the conversion of large baskets by offering consumers a smooth path with no spending limit.

We leverages PSD2 to offer a new payment solution adressing merchants' actual use cases: payment with large amounts, invoicing, high level number of corporate cards…

Your Advantages

With Market Pay’s Pay by Bank solution, choose speed and security, choose efficiency

  • An improved conversion rate thanks to a payment method not subject to card limits
  • Guaranteed payments: transfers are irrevocable once executed
  • A secure payment method: transfers are 100 times less fraudulent than cards or checks
  • Immediate payment: receive the funds in a few seconds on your account thanks to instant transfers
  • Lower costs: no interchange, no CB/Visa/Mastercard scheme fees

The Customer’s Advantages

Provide your customers with an innovative payment experience

  • An ultra-fast and seamless shopping experience
  • An optimized checkout process
  • Contactless payment beyond traditional amounts

Want to get more informations about Pay By Bank?

You wish to exchange with our sales teams and discover how Pay By Bank can upgrade your point of sale?

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