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Founded in 2016, Market Pay understands the payment challenges specific to the retail world in Europe

Our story

Market Pay has historically developed within the Carrefour ecosystem and now offers its expertise and solutions across the entire payment value chain to new customers. Thanks to its industrial platform, Market Pay simplifies the acceptance of new payment methods, both online and in-store, offers payment cards - prepaid, gift cards - and enables the development of new purchasing experiences. Market Pay is an active member of financial and regulatory bodies, anticipating new developments.

Market Pay, which has been 60% acquired by the Anacap investment fund in 2021, will accompany its customers into the future of payment.


Paris, France

Madrid, Spain

Milan, Italy

Brussels, Belgium

São Paulo, Brazil

Copenhagen, Denmark

Vilnius, Lithuania


  • 2016
  • 2020
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2021
  • 2021
  1. Creation within the Carrefour ecosystem
  2. Commercialization of offers outside Carrefour
  3. Signing with our first out customer
  4. 60% buyout by the Anacap investment fund
  5. Opening of the branch in Brazil
  6. Acquisition of Market Pay Denmark & Dejamobile


At Market Pay, every employee is involved, mobilized and dedicated to meeting customer challenges.


At Market Pay, each employee relies on a unique «know-how to» to be agile in all situations.


At Market Pay, everyone is encouraged to take an interest in all projects, profiles and teams. We constantly do our best to explore other areas and always go beyond our comfort zone.


At Market Pay, we strive to provide innovative solutions that improve the day-to-day payment process. We care about efficiency in order to focus on practical action. Our ability to adapt is a key factor in our success.


Market Pay wants to earn the trust of its customers through quality service, transparent communication and keeping its commitments.

Do you want to embody these values and join a growing company?

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Our mission is to create and operate the best payment solutions and experiences to help companies develop their businesses.
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